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Software Engineering / Health Care / Safety / Security

Prof. Jens H. Weber

Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria

JP presented our paper on Data Quality Trust management for Clinical Information Systems at SEH@ICSE 2021

Clinical information systems (CIS) are used to make important decisions on diagnosis and treatment of patients. The data in these systems comes from various sources (other systems, devices, the patent themselves, algorithms etc.) Sometimes it is not clear to what degree the data in these systems is trustworthy for a particular decision to be made. …

Presentation at MIT Stamp Workshop

I have presented our work on safety analysis of conformance profiles for medical record interoperability at this year’s MIT Stamp Workshop. The slides are available online and the presentation is available on YouTube.

The EHR is not the sharp end of the stick, but…

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are not the first things that come to mind when thinking about technology-caused medical accidents and safety hazards. There is a common believe that EHR software is much less safety critical than software that controls medical devices that are “closer to the heart” of the patient, like infusion pumps, radiology devices, …