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Training Philosophy and Opportunities

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This page summarizes my training philosophy. It is – how it should be – work in progress, since I am continuously reflecting on my believes, experiences and objectives related to learning and education. The purpose of putting this out here is to provide prospective, new and existing students with a better understanding of my believes and values, and to provide an opportunity for discussion and continuous improvement of my group’s training environment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

I strive to foster an inclusive, safe and diverse training environment. Diversity enriches any system, including social systems. Despite progress towards gender equity, female students are still a visible minority in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Other visible minorities may relate to race, religion, disabilities, etc. I explicitly welcome students from any visible minority and expect any member of my research group to help in creating a respectful and welcoming environment. This includes being mindful in how we conduct ourselves and how our action may be perceived by others who do not share our gender, culture, religion, etc. This also includes an expectation to act when any research group member observes behaviour that may be perceived as problematic. Please bring such situations to my attention.

Communication is key

In my over 20 years of experience as an educator, I found that good communication is often one of the most important factors determining whether a graduate student’s program runs smoothly and enjoyably or whether there are problems. Here are some tips to consider:

  • let me know when you are struggling or when you are facing a blockage. Don’t let the problem grow. Don’t try to solve everything yourself.
  • be mindful of the fact that I supervise many projects – but you have only the one. This means that I will sometimes need a bit of a reminder of some of the context of your problem or discussion topic.
  • Using a project management tool like Trello is a great idea to stay in sync with each other.


I am alway looking for excellent students who are interested in software engineering and health informatics. I also strive to increase the diversity in my research lab and actively encourage visible minorities to apply.

We do engineer software in our lab. In particular Clojure and Java are two languages of importance.